Reptile Cleanup & Odor Control

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Professional Pet Waste Odor Eliminator and Cleaner. Safe all natural Probiotic & Enzyme formula removes smells from tanks, terrariums, enclosures and substrates.

Designed to work optimally for reptile waste products. Reptiles, due to their diet, produce more protein in their waste. Our unique formula is designed to work with the pH level of reptile urine and contains higher concentration of protein destroying bacteria. Although targeted for reptiles, this product works just as well for ALL OTHER odor causing compounds by containing ALL 5 scientifically selected probiotic strains.

Advanced Probiotic odor elimination solution designed to be 100% sustainable and contains ZERO harmful chemicals. Our eco-friendly based formula is designed to require less product and work longer than the competition while promoting a healthier living environment for your pets and family. While other products mask the offending odors with fragrances, ours targets the source of the odor and organically destroys the offending compounds on contact.

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